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This Domain Name has been registered recently on behalf of a customer. The name is active but its owner has not yet chosen to point it to its own web site address.

Domain Name Registration

Registering a domain name is the first step towards a successful Internet presence. Our charges start from £19.95 per year (for a domain - minimum period of registration 2 years) which includes the following:

  • 5 email `alias' addresses.....
  • Domain Hosting or FREE TRANSFER.....
  • Email Forwarding or up to 10 mailboxes
  • Web Forwarding (if required)

Virtual Web Servers:

A virtual web server is a web server that uses your domain name for the URL of your website. So if you have registered

your web site address would be

Our charge for web site hosting starts from as little as £34.99 per year!

Personalised email addresses:

Your present email address is probably that given to you by the Internet Service Provider you are using (for example: which is efficient for sending and receiving email but not practical when used in the commercial sense.

After registering your own domain name we will supply you with 5 email 'aliases' and so you might for example like to have:

These addresses can be forwarded to your existing email address (as supplied by your Internet Service Provider), if therefore someone sends an email to either of these addresses you would receive it at your existing email address. We will even forward each to different existing email addresses if required. Alternatively we can provide you with up to 10 mailboxes.

Web Site Forwarding:

It may well be that you have already set up your web site and are making use of the space provided by your Internet Service Provider which comes `free' with the package. There are 2 main problems with this:

  • the site address shows the fact that the site is hosted on free space by making reference to the Service Providers name (e.g.
  • If customers have heard of your business they will not intuitively be able to find you web site as it is linked to the Internet Service Provider.

When you register a domain name through Domainscape we will not only provide for email forwarding but will also make arrangements so that if anyone should key in and your site is hosted with your Internet Service Provider they will automatically be redirected to your site. There is no need to alter your existing address (people can still use it if they wish) and there is no need to contact your Provider for permission to arrange for the redirection

To find out more about these and many other services, please contact Domainscape Internet

To register your own domain visit our Web Site


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